Lifestyle Diseases

The universal law of adaptation has made us match up with the rapid changes happening around us. Not just the environmental but also the lifestyle and social changes. Life has become very fast. Everybody wants to be in the race and is trying hard to win too. There are many amongst us who desire to have more than 24 hrs in a day. Thankfully that is not going to happen. But it is the time we should all take a pause and think that we are prone now to some silly disorders which were barely prevalent in our ancestors. These are the lifestyle diseases which are a major cause of death especially in the developing countries.


Many Cancer patients ask us that why has the incidence of cancer increased off late. The only logical answer I could find out is the lifestyle changes happening around. Also the rate of metastases is so high nowadays making the prognosis very bad compared to what it was a few years ago. Though we cannot ignore the changes happening in our environment which have favored the occurrence of many diseases but it is also our way of living that is further worsening the situation.


Certain psychological problems like stress and depression which we usually overlook should be given attention at the right time. Stress related disorders are a major cause of various lifestyle diseases like hypertension, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, asthma, depression and Cancer. Stress can lead to changes in your behavior and physiology. Behavioral changes might happen in eating pattern, physical inactivity, addiction like smoking etc. while physiological changes might affect you cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine system. Most of us are happy to take pills throughout their life to pacify their ailments not bothering much about the cause of these problems. It is very important to identify this stress as the root cause of above mentioned lifestyle diseases.


Stress can be very well managed with lifestyle modifications, exercise, yoga, time management, diet planning etc. Counseling would also help one tackle stress.

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Unfortunate reality of rise in Cancer incidence

Half a century ago a person was far more likely to die from heart disease. Now cancer is on the verge of overtaking it as the No. 1 cause of death.

I am frequently asked why so many people these days are being diagnosed with cancer?

So …what could account for the rise in cancer cases? While human genes haven’t changed drastically over recent years, conditions in and around them have shifted. Lifestyle factors like diet and bad habits certainly play a role in our cellular health, as our life expectancy and the job we do. The rates of many chronic diseases have fallen in the past decades, but cancer is not behaving in the same fashion for a few reasons. When coming to cancer, one fact is very clear the older we get the higher is our risk; the longer we live, the more time we have for errors to build up. And so, as time passes, our risk of developing cancer goes up as we accumulate more of these faults in our genes. While tools for cancer diagnosis and treatment have improved, lifestyle has gone in the other direction. Poor lifestyle and sedentary habits have become the norm, which makes people overweight or obese increasing the risk of cancer. It has been estimated that over half a million cancers worldwide can be directly linked to obesity and inactivity every year. Obesity is tied to number of cancers including Breast, Colon, Oesophagus, Pancreatic, Endometrial, Kidney and Thyroid. In fact obesity threatens to overtake smoking as a number one risk factor for cancer. Other lifestyles like a diet that is high in red meats (such as beef, pork, lamb, or liver) and processed meats (such as hot dogs and some luncheon meats) can raise our risk of colorectal cancer .Drinking more alcohol, more regularly ups our risk for Breast, mouth, oesophageal and colon cancer. Sun bathing increases risk of skin cancer. On the other hand changing reproductive habits could explain why rates of breast ovarian and some other reproductive cancer haven’t fallen much despite introduction of HPV vaccine and more conscientious screening. How we choose to feed and protect our body can go far to reducing our risk of invasive cancer, most notably skin and colon cancer.

Cancer is currently more common in men than women, but due to changes in lifestyle women are catching up fast. It’s clear that unless progress is made in tackling obesity and other preventable causes of cancer, more people of both sexes will be diagnosed with the disease every year. We can all take the initiative in reducing our chance of getting cancer by eating more healthily, drinking less and doing more exercise.

Facing cancer was never easy, but you can take some comfort in that, prognosis has never been better than it is today. Like many life threatening medical conditions, early diagnosis can increase your likely hood of beating the disease and living a long life.

Thankfully in this day and age, receiving a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

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The word cancer for people is the scariest thing in the world mostly because of lack of knowledge .What they need to understand is that Cancer is a preventable disease and on early detection is curable too.


Ways to reduce risk of cancer:

One very important factors to avert the risk of cancer is Healthy Lifestyle.

1. Diet –A healthy diet is one that contains abundance of fresh, preferably organically grown fruits and vegetables. The daily diet should be rich in fiber and low fat. Protein intake should be moderate. Sugar, pickled salted, smoked, barbecued food, microwave cooked food, canned and processed food should be avoided. Food rich in antioxidants intake should be increased Most importantly meal should be taken at proper intervals, not much gap should be there in between the meals and should be of proper quantity. There should be at least five portions of meals in a day.

2. Physical Activities – Daily exercise or any form of physical activity such as brisk walking , jogging should be the essential part of one’s routine. Get at least Half an hour of activity each day, this helps to relieve stress and eliminate toxins in your body. These activities gives peaceful and healthy mind which help the body functions properly.

3. Family History –This cannot be changed but prevention strategy can be made by consulting a doctor who will plan a your screenings and also alert you with body related changes which should be reported immediately.

4. Say ‘NO’ to smoking, alcohol and tobacco—These deadly things destroys our immune system. 90% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. Alcohol consumption leads to oral , larynx, pharynx, liver, bowel cancer.

5. Environmental factors -. Exposure to carcinogenic chemicals in the environment can occur through drinking water and pollution of indoor or ambient air. So, try and keep you environment clean and pollution free. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating. Use water which is purified via boiling , suspension of alam or UV purifier or RO.

6. Occupational Carcinogens – We should be aware of place where we work, so that we can take precaution accordingly.

7. Infections – There are few viruses and bacteria that can cause cancer.E.g Hepatitis B and C Human Papilloma Virus etc
Preventive measures include vaccination and prevention of infection and infestation.

8. Screening (search of a disease)– This means testing of a person for the presence of a disease or other condition by means of test even if the person is asymptomatic. It leads to earlier diagnosis in specific cases. Early diagnosis may lead to extended life.

9. Monitoring yourself (self examination) –Everyone should be aware of their own body so that any abnormal change that can be noticed immediately and can be reported with priority for further action..

Cancer can be beaten. Take control of your life in your hands live healthy and prevent cancer.

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