Recently we celebrated Women’s day with lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Everyone spoke a lot about women equality, women empowerment and all related things. A day before I was about to give seminar on women related cancer, a patient visited to clinic with the history of cervical cancer. When asked if she has a habit of eating stale food, she gave a very surprised gaze towards me and sarcastically said that “being a woman it is my duty to eat it myself and not to serve it to my family! I was so disappointed having heard this on the occasion of International Women’s day.


Next day I heard a woman speaking that women should be allowed to do things the way they want. I questioned the group of ladies that who should allow you? Who should empower you? Who should give you the equal rights? It is no one else but YOU. You should start respecting yourself, your thoughts and most importantly your own body. Women in urban population are so busy working for themselves and their family that they completely ignore their health issues. Only 1 in 50 women actually does any form of exercise regularly. How can you empower yourself without actually being healthy?


The Indian Council of Medical Research recently surveyed that India might register over 17 lakh new cases of cancer and over 8 lakh deaths due to cancer by 2020.


Among these cases, it is more of women than men, who have been diagnosed with cancer, with the most common forms being breast, lung and cervical cancer.


Stress is an important factor in everyone’s life these days which could also be a major risk factor for Cancer. Indulging in any form of hobby like dance, music, painting etc can also help you deal with stress. But again the ratio of woman actually doing this stuff as compared to men is disappointing.


Ayurveda believes that prevention is better than cure. Moreover while talking about cancer; early detection always has greater chances of successful treatment. Visiting a doctor for check up in case of any problem or going for a routine follow-up for general check up is the most ignored fact by women.


Eating healthy food, doing exercise or yoga, indulging in any form of stress busting activity and not ignoring their health issues are the facts women should really reconsider as it could certainly empower them.

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