World Cancer Day is a landmark annual event observed on February 4 dedicated to raise the awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. World Cancer Day targets misinformation, raises awareness, and reduces stigma. We at D. S. Research Centre conducted various awareness programs across all our centres in the country to make the citizens aware about the dreaded cancer. The initiative is to instill hope in the minds of the common people against cancer and make them stronger in the fight against the deadly monster called cancer.


At Kolkata, our team organized a rally of around 500 people comprising of 350 school students along with cancer fighters and common people. The Rally was flagged off at 10.30 am from DS Bhawan to ESI Hospital via Kankurgachi and return to DS Bhawan via same route.
The participants of the rally were segregated based on the theme of 4 types of cancers which are Lung cancer, Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer and Stomach Cancer. The rally was well covered by press and media.


Down south at Hyderabad, our team organized a walk at People’s Plaza. The participants numbering around 650+ gathered at people’s plaza by 07:00 am and the walk started from People’s Plaza to Jalavihar water park in the early morning 07:30 Am. The MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Centre also provided their whole hearted support towards this event and cause. During the Walk, all the participants with great energy and enthusiasm raised cancer slogans like “I am and I will”, “Early detection is better then cure” “I CAN & WE CAN –Kill cancer” etc. After reaching end point point of walk all the participants released orange and white colour balloons into the sky. MNJ Director Dr.N.Jayalatha expressed her gratitude towards D.S. Research Centre management and employees for all support & collaboration in WCD Walk through which we can eradicate the Cancer in the society and make it Cancer Free..!
Team also conducted a drawing competition On Cancer Theme in St.Alphonsus High School, Banjarahills-Hyderabad. Tanuja Giri (DSRC Cancer Survivor) was the chief guest of the activity & she presented prizes for that top 3 winners on World Cancer Day.


At the neighbouring city of Bengaluru, a big rally was organized by team with school students at the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. There was a huge gathering of over 200 students. After the rally, the students flew balloons in the sky to mark the occasion. Morning walkers also joined us in the rally and participated whole heartedly for the cause.


At the west of India in Mumbai, team organized a White – A- Thon, where doctors from Sion Ayurvedic Medical College participated in the morning march, Over 150 doctors participated in a White – A – Thon rally march. Placards & Banners were the source & medium to spread the messages about cancer, precaution & prevention.
Team also got associated with government school at Nashik, Maharashtra. The crowd of the school kids made a chain with the message “Together We Can Defeat Cancer” with “I Am & I Will” along with “DSRC logo” & “WCD”. This formation was captured by upgraded technological camera / drone which gave a bird’s eye view. Over 1500 school going kids participated in this activity. It was a huge success with World Cancer Day Organization in Switzerland acknowledging and appreciating the event.


At the North-East of the country in Guwahati, a rally was organized for mass awareness against cancer with participation of school children.The program started at 10 am and Venue was Dighuliphukri. Ribbon cutting by some renowned guests followed by starting of the rally by holding of WCD banner and marching to some of the major places of Guwahati. After the rally the guests were felicitated.


At Tripura, Agartala…a rally by college students of TIPS (Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences) was organized. After the rally, the faculty members visited the Govt. Cancer Hospital to gift the cancer fighters with fruits and goodie bags.


At Varanasi, a press meet was organized along with Cancer Fighters and Survivors who have benefitted from our treatment along with the members of the press. It was heartening to see the enthusiasm and eagerness among the attendees to know and spread the awareness against cancer.


All in all, a great day to be remembered for the whole year dedicated to the Cancer fighters across the length and breadth of this country with the sole motto of D. S. Research Centre, “Together We Can” – “Defeat Cancer”!


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World Cancer Day 2018 at DSRC Varanasi

D. S. Research Centre- Varanasi Team observed World Cancer Day with Cancer Fighters at Varanasi Clinic by organizing a Free Counselling on Cancer & Diet on 4th, 5th & 6th Feb 2018 in association with India’s leading newspaper Dainik Jagran. It was intended to increase the cancer awareness in our society.

Our team also created a 3-Dimensional Road Art with help of B. H. U. students to spread the message. Dainik Jagran also gave an opportunity to our Dietitian for a live talk show with its readers at Dainik Jagran office which was a very successful initiative and multiple queries were received by our team.


1. Numerous individuals took the benefit of free counselling sessions and took advice from our Doctors and Dietitian.

2. Many Patients took the medicine from us between 4th -6th Feb-18.

3. Event associated with Dainik Jagran had 3 days coverage on print media.

4. Dainik Jagran gave an opportunity to our Dietitian on a live talk show with its readers in at Dainik Jagran office which was a successful show and multiple diet related queries were received.

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Tram Ride with Cancer Patients on World Cancer Day in Kolkata

D. S. Research Centre organized a unique Tram Ride for the cancer survivors on the occasion of World Cancer Day on 04.02.18. The Tram Ride started from Ultadanga Tram Depot, visiting different parts of the city followed by a felicitation ceremony at Esplanade Tram Depot and the journey ended at Ultadanga Tram Depot. The first of its kind Tram Ride aimed at creating a healthy and motivating environment for the patients to celebrate their victory on cancer.

The theme was “Together We Can” highlighting the role of togetherness in fighting cancer and supporting the patients.
MLA Paresh Pal was present to flag off the ride and support the cause.
Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya, Dr. Shibangi Das and Ms. Nabaruna Ganguly, Dietitian of D.S. Research Centre were present to brief the media. The initiative aimed at bringing smiles on the survivors from cancer and encouraging them that cancer can be defeated.

To support the cause, the day started with a tram ride for more than 20 cancer survivors and doctors and D. S. Research Centre Staffs followed by a motivational session and felicitation of the patients.
A special motivational session for the cancer patients highlighted the importance of
‘Togetherness” to fight with cancer and win over it, creating awareness about the role of the
different types of treatments at D. S. Research Centre.

With the strong belief of #TogetherWeCan #DefeatCancer, the Centre came up with multiple
Cancer Awareness campaigns across the length and breadth of India in cities like Kolkata, Bengaluru, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Tripura and Varanasi. World Cancer Day is the ideal platform to educate the general mass about Cancer and
eradicating the myths attached with it since time unknown in order to save million lives by fighting against Cancer.

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Unfortunate reality of rise in Cancer incidence

Half a century ago a person was far more likely to die from heart disease. Now cancer is on the verge of overtaking it as the No. 1 cause of death.

I am frequently asked why so many people these days are being diagnosed with cancer?

So …what could account for the rise in cancer cases? While human genes haven’t changed drastically over recent years, conditions in and around them have shifted. Lifestyle factors like diet and bad habits certainly play a role in our cellular health, as our life expectancy and the job we do. The rates of many chronic diseases have fallen in the past decades, but cancer is not behaving in the same fashion for a few reasons. When coming to cancer, one fact is very clear the older we get the higher is our risk; the longer we live, the more time we have for errors to build up. And so, as time passes, our risk of developing cancer goes up as we accumulate more of these faults in our genes. While tools for cancer diagnosis and treatment have improved, lifestyle has gone in the other direction. Poor lifestyle and sedentary habits have become the norm, which makes people overweight or obese increasing the risk of cancer. It has been estimated that over half a million cancers worldwide can be directly linked to obesity and inactivity every year. Obesity is tied to number of cancers including Breast, Colon, Oesophagus, Pancreatic, Endometrial, Kidney and Thyroid. In fact obesity threatens to overtake smoking as a number one risk factor for cancer. Other lifestyles like a diet that is high in red meats (such as beef, pork, lamb, or liver) and processed meats (such as hot dogs and some luncheon meats) can raise our risk of colorectal cancer .Drinking more alcohol, more regularly ups our risk for Breast, mouth, oesophageal and colon cancer. Sun bathing increases risk of skin cancer. On the other hand changing reproductive habits could explain why rates of breast ovarian and some other reproductive cancer haven’t fallen much despite introduction of HPV vaccine and more conscientious screening. How we choose to feed and protect our body can go far to reducing our risk of invasive cancer, most notably skin and colon cancer.

Cancer is currently more common in men than women, but due to changes in lifestyle women are catching up fast. It’s clear that unless progress is made in tackling obesity and other preventable causes of cancer, more people of both sexes will be diagnosed with the disease every year. We can all take the initiative in reducing our chance of getting cancer by eating more healthily, drinking less and doing more exercise.

Facing cancer was never easy, but you can take some comfort in that, prognosis has never been better than it is today. Like many life threatening medical conditions, early diagnosis can increase your likely hood of beating the disease and living a long life.

Thankfully in this day and age, receiving a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

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World Cancer Day is the ideal platform to educate the general mass about Cancer and eradicating the myths attached with it since time unknown in order to save million lives by fighting against Cancer.

With the strong belief of #TogetherWeCan #DefeatCancer, the
team of D.S.Research Centre is coming up with multiple Cancer Awareness campaigns across the length and breadth of India in cities like Bengaluru, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Tripura and Varanasi.


Let us join hands to fight Cancer; cause #TogetherWeCan #DefeatCancer


Support us at –



-Organizing a musical programme for cancer fighters at Karunashraya Cancer Shelter along with a motivational talk for the inmates of Karunshraya patients by our cancer survivors

-Activities with the inmates there – like Balloon release, Ribbon Making with inmates hand prints etc.



– An interactive session to be held between the doctors of DSRC Guwahati and cancer fighters of Dr. B. Baruah Cancer Hospital at Guest House (Jirono Ghar) followed by recreation and prize distribution.

– Cake cutting at Jirono Ghar.

– Distribution of fruits & gifts among the patients of Dr. B. Baruah Cancer Hospital.



– 5 tricycles with branding of DSRC and W.C.D. over them will start from KBR Park by releasing balloons from Cancer Survivors. The cycles will cover areas like Mehdipatnam, Dilsukh nagar, Ameerpeth, Kukutpally, Banjara Hills & will distribute leaflets among the commuters

-Hygiene Kit distribution & Doctor Seminar for care takers & Nurses at “Sparsh Hospice” :who are providing In-patient, Outpatient & Home care service to terminally ill Cancer patients. Team Hyderabad is planning to distribute Hygiene kits to those patient with our literature along with seminar for Nurses & care takers.



– DSRC Kolkata team will book a tram and decorate it for a ride against Cancer. The tram will take a tour around different places in Kolkata. We will be inviting 30 cancer fighters to join us.Tram will halt in different locations in Kolkata.

– Interactive session among Team DSRC and others. Music and Recitation for entertainment along with pot lunch inside the tram.



– Mounting “Wall Of Fame”
• On the occasion of this big event, DSRC team would inaugurating the Wall of Fame by our cancer survivor on 2nd February, 2018 in the clinic itself
• This wall would be framing a picture of the patients who defeated cancer with DSRC’s treatment
• The Wall of Fame would be defining our success stories
– Cancer Awareness Session for ICICI Educational Academy
• DSRC team would be associating with ICICI Educational Academy which would be a first time in Mumbai.
• Team would spreading the awareness amongst the students between age of 18-25

– Event for Cancer Patients
• On the grand day i.e. World Cancer Day’ 18, team would be associating with Gurudwara Club members, Dadar
• DSRC Team would be arranging a entertainment program for cancer patients
• The program would followed by the session of Ayurvedacharya of DSRC, where doctor would acknowledge the information about the cancer & DSRC treatment
• Post the informative session DSRC team would be arranging an instrumental event for over 100 cancer patients
• DSRC team would carving a light of hope by forming a word “BEAT CANCER” by cancer fighters


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