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Why Me…?

March 21, 2017


I have never smoked doctor… I don’t drink… I follow a healthy life style, healthy diet and I exercise regularly… Still Why Me?


Dark Clouds of silence and a pause of sad air has always taken control over environment of a cabin and the feelings of a doctor when his patient sitting across the table asks “Why Me?”.

The patient is suffering from Cancer and he knows, he is about to die, may be sooner than the time his doctor is giving. He has accepted this truth, long ago, on the day he was declared a patient of this cruel disease.

Avoiding risk factors is very important. But avoiding the risk factors are not sufficient. We need to be aware about the danger signs of cancer. These are the signals given by cancer before its too late. Most common danger signs are:

• Unexplained Lump or swelling anywhere in the body

• Unexplained remarkable weight loss, without any effort

• Unexplained dry cough present for more than 3 weeks

• Unexplained Chronic pain of more than 4 weeks

• Unexplained Vaginal Bleeding between periods, post sex and post menopause Unexplained presence of blood in stool, Urine, sputum and vomitus

• Unusual breathlessness for longer duration or unusual frequency

• Difficulty in Swallowing persists beyond 3 weeks

• Any mouth ulcer that is present for more than 3 weeks

• A wound that persists for more than 3 weeks

• If Acidity and heartburn is present for longer duration and is unusually more painful

• Constipation and loose motion if present alternatively and for more than 4 weeks

• A lump in breast and certain changes like skin discoloration Nipple discharge

• Hoarseness of Voice

• Difficulty in micturition

These symptoms should never be ignored and consulted with a doctor. These can be minor symptoms and nothing to be worried about but even if it turns out to be cancer, it is diagnosed at an earlier stage of spread and can be treated effectively. Regular check up and screening are one of the most important tool to diagnose cancer at early stage.

Early detection is the best Protection!

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